September 24, 2020

The Best Bike Pump

Lezyne Classic Floor Drive

After testing 35 pumps in the past three years, we believe the Lezyne Classic Floor Drive is the best foot pump for most cyclists thanks to its robust construction, easy-to-read dial and extremely reliable screw-in head ( which fits both Vannes Presta and Schrader). We also have a choice for a portable pump to use during an outing.

The most important thing a pump can do is not to frustrate you. Our choice, the Lezyne Classic Floor Drive, excels in this task because of the design of its pump head, which you screw securely – rather than wedge – on your valve. It combines an L-shaped head which is pleasantly easy to install between the spokes with a removable and reversible mandrel (one end for Schrader tire valves; the other, Presta valves). Once you’ve screwed the pumphead onto your tire valve, the Classic Floor Drive will never, ever release the valve until you want it to. In addition, its robust construction, its extra large pressure gauge, its extra long hose and its varnished wooden handle make it simple and even pleasant to use.


With more high-quality parts than any other comparable price, the Planet Bike ALX 2 is, in our opinion, the best choice for someone who does not ride every day or every week. It has a steel base and body – in fact, the only plastic part is the pump head, which you push on the valve and lock with a lever. This head is one of the reasons why this pump is not our first choice; another very short hose is the pump. That said, the ALX 2 tires inflated faster than almost all of the pumps we reviewed, including the Lezyne Classic Floor Drive and the expensive Specialized Air Tool Pro. Our testers also rated it for both stability and ease of use – the large wooden handle really helps. In addition, it is the only pump we have found that has a limited lifetime warranty, much better than the industry standard two years.

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