April 5, 2020

The Best Budget Subwoofer

Adding additional bass with a subwoofer is the safest way to make a sound system more satisfying. Our new choice for the best economic subwoofer is the Dayton Audio SUB-1500. It produces enough deep bass to shake your sofa, is easy to connect and is a bit more attractive (or a little less attractive, depending on your perspective) than most budget subs.

  • Enormous 15″ heavy-duty, long-throw woofer
  • 150W amplifier with the selectable auto-on feature for satisfying power
  • Downward-firing flared port design for clean, powerful bass
  • Perfect for large home theater rooms
  • Unobtrusive textured black vinyl finish cabinet with removable grill

The 10-inch Dayton Audio SUB-1000L subwoofer is designed for people who want more serious in their audio system but do not have room for a conventional subwoofer. Only 6 inches thick, it is thin enough to slide behind many sofas and chairs and even under some sofas. You can also fix it to a wall using the included mounting system. Its output does not match that of the Dayton SUB-1200, but it has enough power to work well in a modest home theater system or in a stereo system with bookshelf speakers.

Most subwoofers are black, dull-looking boxes that take up a fairly good amount of space and detract from the decoration of a room. The Dayton Audio SUB-1000L, on the other hand, is only 6 inches thick, so you can probably hide it behind a chair or sofa, or maybe even under the sofa, and therefore could go unnoticed (or at less noticed)) It has legs that raise the subwoofer from the floor or keep it away from the wall, so you don’t have to worry about muffling the sound. It is 25 inches wide and 15¾ inches deep. You can place it horizontally or vertically, and even includes brackets that allow you to fix it directly to a wall. It has a 10-inch woofer powered by an internal 100-watt amplifier.

The output of the SUB-1000L cannot be compared with the Dayton Audio SUB-1200, but it is respectable for such a thin and economical subwoofer. Our measurements showed an average of 108.8 dB in the medium low and 97.0 dB in the low bass, compared to 114.8 and 102.0 dB, respectively, for the SUB-1200. The closest design competitor of the SUB-1000L, the Monoprice SSW-10, averages 113.2 dB and 89.9 dB, respectively.

When we played action movies, the SUB-1000L had more power than we expected in the most serious notes. It also sounds quite satisfying to play deep bass tones in hip-hop and dance music. It can’t match the bump, power, and clarity of the SUB-1200, but its combination of room-friendly design, sound quality and price is not available in any other sub we’ve tried.
The SUB-1000L has the same inputs as the SUB-1200: speaker level inputs and outputs plus line-level RCA inputs. This facilitates the incorporation of the subwoofer into a stereo or surrounds the sound system.

  • Slim, low profile: the Monoprice ssw-10 features a ported cabinet that’s designed to deliver ample bass output from a slim, low profile enclosure. You can slide it under your favorite chair or sofa, place it behind your TV stand, or even Mount it on your living room wall
  • 10″ Ported design: the ssw-10 features a full-sized 10″ Woofer housed in a ported, bass-reflex enclosure that is designed topelek maximize bass output from its slim, low profile design. With. Frequency response that extends down to 25Hz, you won’t hay- to skimp on the bass
  • Powerful amplifier: the ssw-10 is outfitted with a 150-watt amplifier designed specifically for subwoofers. It features the ability to set volume, low Pass filter, phase, and is equipped with both line level RCA jacks and speaker level Terminal inputs
  • Buy with confidence: Monoprice not only stands behind every product we sell with a 1 year Replacement warranty, We offer a 30-day money back guarantee as well!
  • Quality at a fair price: Monoprice’s rugged design and rigid quality control standards deliver high quality products at fair prices
  • POWER: The PS10 is capable of a 200 Watt power output and fills in the low notes missing from your movies and music and gives you that spine-tingling rumble effect from your home theater system.
  • SOUND QUALITY: With the 10-inch subwoofer, this speaker has high sound pressure levels and produces sounds in the lower frequency range. This is a powered sub that doesn’t need a separate amplifier.
  • BASS: The 200 Watt power output in the PS10 provides heavy bass and can reproduce the lowest of audible frequencies immersing you in your movie-watching experience. The frequency response is between 38Hz to 120Hz.
  • INSTALLATION: Installing the PS10 is easy! Either use the subwoofer out (RCA connectors) or the pre-out output (speaker wire) from your amplifier and easily connect to the inputs on the back of the subwoofer.
  • DESIGN: One of the advantages of the front firing speaker and port design is, it allows you to build it into a custom media center cabinet. Along with the Auto-on sensing, you can set it and forget it.

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