April 5, 2020

The Best Electric Kettle

The Best Electric Kettle

Electric teapots provide a quick and easy way to heat water without a stove, and many have the additional advantage of allowing you to set a precise, key temperature to get the best coffee and tea flavor. Of all the models we have tested since 2013, the Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp kettle is our favorite thanks to a winning combination of speed, precision, and simple controls.

  • 1500-Watt stainless-steel cordless electric kettle with 1-2/3-liter capacity and concealed heating element. Dimensions: 8.8″L x 9.75″W x 6.1″H. Bpa free. Cord length: 36 Inches
  • 6 preset heat settings for steeping tea at just the right temperature; blue LED indicator lights
  • 30-Minute keep Warm; 2-minute memory function; 360-degree swivel power base for cordless convenience
  • Blue backlit water window; removable/washable scale filter; boil-dry protection with auto safety shutoff
  • Concealed heating element to prevent mineral buildup.UC Cubic Feet: 0.47
  • Limited 3-year warranty

The PerfecTemp Cuisinart CPK-17 Cordless Electric Kettle has been our best choice since 2013 thanks to its ease of use, speed, and accuracy. It has an intuitive interface with six temperature settings and an option to maintain the heat that keeps the water at a set temperature for 30 minutes. The wide handle is comfortable to hold and the nozzle does not drip when pouring. Unlike many of the gooseneck kettles we tested, it has a large capacity (1⅔ liters) but still has a simple and aerodynamic design, so it will not be a nuisance if you store it on the counter of your kitchen.

Of all the variable-temperature models we tested, the Cuisinart CPK-17 is one of the simplest to operate. Each of the six temperature settings has its own button on the handle, which is labeled with the temperature and drink for which it is better (Oolong, French press, etc.). This is very useful if you do not know innately the ideal water temperatures for making specific types of tea. All you need to do to use this kettle is to add water, select the temperature you want, press start and wait for it to sound when finished. Then enter an automatic cycle to keep warm (there is also a “Keep warm” button if you want to select this option manually) where you keep the temperature for up to 30 minutes. Another button on the handle allows you to easily open the lid with one hand, and the nozzle is poured into a uniform stream.

In addition to its simple and easy to use design, we discovered that Cuisinart had an extremely constant boiling time. On average, it boiled 1 liter of water in about 4 minutes. While that was not the fastest of the kettles we tested, it was faster than most. In addition, Cuisinart proved to be impressively accurate in our tests: water measured only 2 degrees above the set temperature of 185 ° F after 30 minutes in the “keep warm” setting.
The Cuisinart CPK-17 beeps when you press a button on the control panel and several times when it reaches a temperature setting. We found it much less annoying than the excessive beeps of the KitchenAid KEK1722SX kettle and we appreciated the temperature alert, which was surprisingly missing in many of the models we tested since it means that you do not have to hover over the cursor. However, keep in mind that a shrill beep will occur if the kettle is on and returns it to the empty base. This is the “boil protection” warning, designed to prevent damage to the kettle. However, it is easy to avoid this situation, since the water level window allows you to see when it is going down.

The Cuisinart CPK-17 is easy to clean, with a removable scale filter in the spout and a lid that opens large enough so you can put a hand inside. Just avoid splashing water on the control buttons located on the handle, and be sure to clean them only with a damp cloth or mild detergent if necessary. Stronger cleaners, such as Lysol wipes, can cause button labels to fade or disappear.

Another outstanding feature of the Cuisinart CPK-17 is its three-year limited warranty, which is substantially better than that obtained with all other models we tested in this price range. (Most come with only one year of coverage). Since boiling water constantly can be dangerous for a device, having triple the warranty coverage of the rest of the package is impressive.

Although the Cuisinart CPK-17 had better accuracy than most of the other kettles we tested (some measured more than 10 degrees of its temperature setting), we discovered that it was not as accurate when reaching lower temperatures, measuring 8 degrees when we set it at 160 ° F. At temperatures of 175 ° F and above, it measured only 3 to 4 degrees, which is quite accurate. Since this model has a number of other notable features and has been consistently reliable during years of long-term testing, we are willing to forgive its minor temperature variations in the lowest configuration.

We have received comments from some of our readers and have seen other reports that this Cuisinart model broke after about a year, or that the lid broke on the hinge, but those things should be covered by the warranty. We’ve also seen several Amazon reviews complaining that the button labels disappear over time. We have not experienced this problem with the kettle that we have been testing in the long term, even with regular use, but a couple of Wirecutter employees have found the problem with this model. We suspect that it has to do with how you clean the mango. A Cuisinart representative told us: “The only cleaning solution to use is a damp cloth and a mild dishwashing soap. Any other cleaner (Windex, Fantastik, Lysol) has aggressive chemicals and can eliminate paint / printing. ”

The willow nozzle in the OXO Brew Pour-Over Kettle kettle gives you the necessary control to execute the perfect pour, in addition, this kettle comes with all kinds of features that help create an ideal cup of coffee or tea. The controls are totally intuitive and allow you to adjust the water temperature in 1-degree increments from 140 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (or 40 to 100 degrees Celsius). The OXO also reaches those settings reliably, emits a beep when it is ready and maintains the temperature for up to 30 minutes before turning off automatically. And as a good advantage, it comes with a built-in timer that allows you to regulate each stage of your discharge.

  • Adjustable temperature control heats and keeps water at exactly your desired temperature (140°F to 212°F / 60°C to 100°C)
  • Precise-pour gooseneck spout is elongated and features a curved opening for a steady flow
  • Cord-free Kettle is easily removed from the 360-degree swivel base
  • Built-in timer counts up to track your pour-over process
  • Safety shut-off automatically stops Kettle after a 30-minute keep-warm cycle
  • Balanced design for comfort and control while pouring
  • Stay-cool handle provides a secure grip
  • 1-Liter Kettle is made of naturally BPA-free stainless steel for durable, elegant kitchen-to-table appeal
  • Temperature guide on base shows the best settings for your favorite coffee and tea types
  • Compact footprint saves space on countertops   Fast, efficient heating with 1500-watt power
  • The well-designed OXO Brew electric kettle with adjustable temperature had the second fastest boiling time of all the models we tested, with only 3 minutes, 18 seconds for a liter of water. Its thin and angled spout allows for controlled precision pouring, and can easily and accurately control the temperature to the degree, making this kettle a good option for anyone who takes their pouring routine seriously.

    Simple OXO controls look more elegant than the many buttons on other pour boilers we tested and are intuitive to use: turn the knob to adjust the temperature and then press it to start heating. The controls allow you to get really granular, by adjusting the water temperature in increments of 1 degree from 140 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 to 100 degrees Celsius. In our tests, it was accurate to the degree. And when you turn it off, the OXO remembers the last temperature at which you set it, so you don’t have to play with the dial every time you use it. We also like that the ideal temperature suggestions for green tea, oolong, coffee and more (along with the operating instructions) are printed directly on the base under the kettle, a quick reference feature that we appreciate more and more as we tried more models without her. We appreciate that the OXO screen displays the current temperature of the water as it is heated, so you can see the visual process. An audible alert tells you when the water is ready, and the like Cuisinart, the kettle will hold the temperature for 30 minutes before shutting down. You can also stop the heating process at any time by pressing a button and the boiler will also keep him there. And a nice bonus we did not see in any other kettle we tested: the OXO comes with a timer counting that you can use during the pouring process to modulate the speed and duration of the spill. As for the construction, we like this kettle is made largely of stainless steel, without plastic parts that come into contact with water. The handle and the cap are coated with silicone, which makes them easy to grip and avoid getting too hot. However, as with most kettles gooseneck we tried, the top of the OXO does not open with the press of a button; you must remove it manually, which can be complicated when the kettle is hot. Also like most boilers gooseneck we tried, the OXO lacks a water level window.

  • Although a handful of Amazon reviews complain about durability issues, it is important to remember that electric kettles tend to have a shorter average compared to other small appliances useful life. That said, the OXO comes with a two-year warranty, which is more generous than one year guarantee its average boiler water, and we found the service to the client OXO is very receptive. So far we have not had any problems with the OXO Brew we use in our test kitchen (more on that below).

  • Long Term Test Notes

  • We have been using the OXO Brew kettle in our test kitchen since June 2019 and continue working. Leave water even after sitting on it for days, we have not seen any signs of rust or other durability problems todaycustomer staff member Michael Hession has been used to make her spill over coffee every day for the past seven months and has been very happy with the performance of the boiler. We said, “It’s easy to turn on and adjust the temperature, and has not failed me somehow still.” His only minor complaint is that “When set to 212 ° F (boiling), which will come to a boil well, but then when the kettle off the base and put it back is taken, it will read 210 ° F and never back up to 212, even though that’s what defines it in. “we tried OXO which we use in our test kitchen for this problem, and have the same problem, so we’re chalking up a slight variability between units. Either way, we do not believe that the fluctuation of 2 degrees have a noticeable effect on the quality of your hot drink.

We recommend the low-cost 1.7-liter Hamilton Beach 40880 stainless steel electric kettle for anyone who doesn’t want to break the bank but still wants a decent kettle for boiling water. This stainless steel model is very simple, with a simple on / off switch at the base of the handle. It heated water as fast as the Cuisinart CPK-17 in our tests, and automatically shuts off as soon as it reaches the boiling point (a good safety feature, but it should remain close, since there is no beep to alert you when it is done) . The large, heat-resistant handle stays cool, and the nozzle does not drip when pouring.

  • Powerful rapid-boil system: This electric kettle boils water faster than a microwave and safer than using a stovetop kettle Perfect for college dorms, offices or kitchens of any size
  • Keep cords out of the way: this hot water kettle is cord-free for easy serving, plus heating is convenient and safe with the concealed heating element, compatible with any standard 120V outlet
  • Automatic shut off: auto shut-off keeps the electric kettle from boiling dry
  • Drip-free spout: keep hands safe from hot water while you pour with the drip-free spout on this electric tea kettle
  • Water level window: easy-to-view water level window ensures you measure the perfect amount every time in your electric kettle
  • Push-button lid: electric kettle has a simple push-button lid to prevent spills

We recommend the 1.7-liter Hamilton Beach 40880 stainless steel electric kettle for anyone who wants an affordable basic model that boils water quickly. This kettle lacks the bells and whistles of our other selections, it does not have preset temperature controls or a setting to keep warm, but it has all the other features that we look for in a decent kettle. The most important thing, perhaps, is that its handle is easy to hold, and the spout does not drip when pouring.

We were impressed by the speed of this kettle, which was on par with the Cuisinart CPK-17 in boiling time (approximately 4 minutes). This Hamilton Beach model is simple to operate: slide the tab up at the base of the handle and the kettle starts to heat the water. A red light on the base illuminates once the boiling cycle begins, so you always know that it is on. Once the water boils, the kettle automatically shuts down, so you don’t have to worry about turning it off manually. That said, since it does not have an audible alert, it is possible for the water to begin to cool even before you realize it boils.

In our tests, the Hamilton Beach 40880 spout did not drip water when pouring, and the wide handle was comfortable to hold. Unlike some models that require you to open the lid manually, the 40880 conveniently opens with the press of a button located on the top of the handle. This is a valuable security feature when looking to empty a kettle that is still hot. This model also has two windows at the water level, a design that allows you to see how full the kettle is, regardless of the way you place it on the base.
The plastic hinges on the top of the Hamilton Beach 40880 are one of its biggest drawbacks. Other models, such as our main selection, the Cuisinart CPK-17, have metal hinges that seem more durable.

  • The Hamilton Beach 40880 is covered by a one-year warranty
  • The Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L digital variable temperature gooseneck, our old budget selection, is a small 1 liter gooseneck kettle that is lightweight and easy to hold. Like the OXO kettle, you can set the Bonavita at any temperature between 140 and 212 ° F. You can also maintain a set temperature for up to an hour, 30 minutes longer than the OXO or Cuisinart. However, it takes longer to boil than any of those kettles and lacks audible signals to warn you when the water is ready. We remove this kettle after noticing too many complaints about rust and other durability problems.

The Brewista smart pour variable temperature kettle obtained a fairly high rating in our tests, especially because it can be programmed to start heating later (a unique feature among kettles). And it has all the other qualities that we look for in a gooseneck, such as precision pouring, adjustable temperature settings and an LCD screen that records and displays the current water temperature in real time. That said, it took twice as long to boil than the OXO kettle of similar price and has more complicated controls.

The AmazonBasics stainless steel electric kettle is one of the most economical options we analyze. It took the same amount of time to boil a liter of water than the Hamilton Beach 40880, but the design is clumsy and we found it less comfortable to hold and pour it.

We expect some serious bells and whistles from a $ 150 kettle. And hey, the electric kettle Fellow Stagg EKG features a “Easter egg” in the form of a Wormy game, which appears when you remove the kettle from the base and change the Fahrenheit / Celsius lever from side to side. But, ultimately, we don’t think it’s worth the price, given its fairly small capacity (just below a liter) and its minimal heat-resistant surfaces. Although the completely black matte has an aesthetic appeal, it makes it difficult to track hot spots.

The KitchenAid precision gooseneck electric kettle proved less intuitive to use. Yes, you can adjust the flow rate at the nozzle for better pour control, but it requires a lot of manipulation inside the edge of the machine, so it is better to make sure you are operating with a cold and empty kettle. And although you can set the temperature in increments of 1 degree, a thermometer built into the lid is much harder to read than an LCD screen connected to the base.

The Bella ceramic electric kettle would not be out of place in a cozy, rustic-style kitchen. Unfortunately, its appeal is only superficial. Both the materials and the capacity (1.2 L) make it incredibly heavy, which increases the likelihood of falling / breaking and prohibits a smooth spill. It is not clear when looking at which points remain cold to the touch, there is no way to regulate the temperature and, in approximately 7 minutes, it took longer to boil.

We tested the new Bonavita interurban variable temperature kettle, which is intended to improve the original Bonavita BV382510V, with an automatic boil button and several cosmetic updates. Even so, the older Bonavita surpassed his bright new brother: it boiled faster (5 minutes, 30 seconds instead of 6 minutes, 15 seconds), it was quieter (Interurban starts ringing when it’s hot) and we had a time much easier interpreting the controls.

The Chefman RJ11-17-GP precision electric kettle was a previous budget choice, but during the long-term tests we found that its beep was very annoying. This model has also risen in price since we originally published the guide.

Although the OXO electric kettle in adjustable temperature was very accurate in our tests, it had trouble staying closed; When the water boils, the lid opens frequently. A different OXO model, the OXO wireless glass electric kettle, is too expensive for a basic kettle that lacks variable temperature controls.

The Tribest Glass GKD-450-B raw tea kettle lacks a button on the handle. Its blue light turns on and off constantly until it reaches the desired temperature, something we find annoying.

The KitchenAid KEK1722SX electric kettle was a finalist choice before, but after long-term testing, we were very bothered by its excessive beep. In addition, the kettle always has the default Celsius; For Fahrenheit temperatures, you must change the setting each time you use it. And in February 2018, several KitchenAid electric kettles, including the KEK1722SX, were recalled due to burn hazards.

We were disappointed to see the high price of the Breville BKE820XL IQ Kettle, as it has no feature to differentiate it from Cuisinart CPK-17 and make it worth the extra money. We also look at the Breville IQ Kettle Pure glass, but it is even more expensive than the stainless steel model and less durable.

Chef’sChoice Cordless Electric Kettle 681, an earlier budget selection, had one of the fastest boiling times of all the models we tested, but Amazon’s revisions for this model have been greatly reduced due to leaks or failures of the auto power off function

The Secura 1.8 quart stainless steel cordless electric kettle worked very well in our tests and currently has the same price as our budget, but it lacks a water level window. According to a Secura representative, the small hole inside allows the steam to reach the lower interior of the unit, where the temperature control is located. However, we discovered that cleaning between the walls of the kettle would be impossible, so we discarded this model.

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