April 5, 2020

The Best Outdoor Speakers

The Best Outdoor Speakers

After testing 16 new models, we believe that the OSD Audio AP650 is the best outdoor speaker for people who want an affordable and weather-resistant speaker that offers a clear and full backyard sound and is waterproof. Dust and insects. It is easily mounted, and its relatively high sensitivity means that it plays loudly even when connected to a small low power amplifier.

  • WEATHER: This versatile speaker is designed to handle all-weather. IPX6 rated, being completely sealed from dust, and waterproof protected with short duration of water immersion in splashing and rain.
  • DESIGN: With a sleek, fully sealed design, the OSD Audio Patio Pair Speaker features a powder-coated rust-resistant grille and mounting brackets, allowing this quality accessory to blend in with the decor.
  • MOUNT: The included, flexible mounting brackets allow for 180-degree rotation and 60-degree tilt, enabling you to mount either vertically or horizontally, giving flexibility for the best coverage.
  • OUTDOOR: This speaker is perfect to use outdoors due to its weather-resistant design of composite resin low resonator cabinet and silicone-sealed internal cabinetry.
  • POWER: Designed to withstand all types of weather, the AP650 has a full, powerful sound that can easily fill your backyard while blending in with your outdoor deco 

the OSD BTP 650 powered bluetooth speakers we are carrying at sinfull audio these weather resistant speakers are a great addition to any haunt looking for great sound remote operation and worked just as well indoors as outdoors one thing I will recommend about any speaker system claiming to be of all-weather design or weatherproof is to be sure to store them indoors after your event or during times when they will not be in use this will prolong the life of your electronics and their overall resistance to the elements out of the box you get an 8 foot power cord for the Bluetooth receiver and stereo power amplifier you also get 30 feet of speaker wire to connect the second speaker the amp is rated at 100 watts with a frequency response of 38 Hertz to 20 kilohertz bluetooth range is about 50 to 75 feet with limited obstructions however your mileage may vary as I’ve been able to get up to about a hundred and twenty feet unobstructed connectivity also included is the Quick Start Guide and two brackets for hanging the speakers as we look at the back of the main speaker we noticed two terminals for the speaker wire there is also a flexible plastic covered on/off switch for water resistance to the internal electronics with the second speaker we find the terminals for the speaker wire that we will be connecting here shortly to create our stereo setup so let’s get started first make sure the AC power cable is not yet plugged into a wall socket when you’re ready connect the power outlet cable to the AC power transformer connect the power cable from the transformer to the main speaker you’ll notice here that the connector is also designed for weather resistance with a screw on coupler and in set design connect the speaker wires to the second speaker via the positive and negative terminals each terminal pushes down to allow for the insertion of the speaker wire it then locks into place to firmly hold the wire next connect the speaker wire to the main speaker to complete the stereo setup a feature I like is the backplate for each speaker it allows for the cables and terminals to be protected as well as allowing the power and speaker wire to exit the speaker once the plates are put on you’re ready to power on the speakers and pair your Bluetooth device let’s go ahead and turn on the BTP 650 speakers you will now see in your Bluetooth compatible device a new device to pair to and it should say BT speaker let’s go ahead and connect to that and we’re ready to go you you overall I am finding the BT P 650 speakers performing as expected the apparent drop in bass frequencies is consequentially due to the fact we only have a 6.5 inch woofer driving those lower signals as they state the range is above 38 Hertz but for this demonstration I’m hearing and seeing a dip at around 100 Hertz the mid to high mid-range is solid the higher frequencies are performing well and as expected another thing I measured while using the sound file you just heard was the overall volume that was delivered at just over 15 feet I was able to measure 83 to 84 decibels of peak level which was encouraging I would recommend these speakers highly for atmosphere and sound effects that did not rely on lots of bass frequencies good volume range and localized qualities make this a solid set of speakers considering the Bluetooth weather resistant design in price point thank you for checking out this video today I hope it was insightful and can help you make some decisions around the BT P 650 speakers 

If you want a decent outside sound but want to spend a little less, the Yamaha NS-AW294 is ideal, as long as you do not live in a place where rain storms are common, since the port design can allow the entry of water and Damage the speaker. The NS-AW294 doesn’t sound as clear as our main selection, but it has a decent amount of bass and can sound quite loud.

  • Yamaha’s advanced speaker design combines superior sound quality with excellent weatherproofing. Weatherproof cabinets that are drip, water, and UV resistant
  • Two-way bass reflex design: Powerful woofer delivers accurate mid/low-frequency response; Balanced dome tweeter ensures clear high-frequency response
  • Simple design looks natural on a home exterior, on a patio or inside a room
  • Flexible installation options with supplied mounting brackets
  • Powder-coated grilles provide outstanding weatherproof properties

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